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Memories of the Sanctum Survivor Challenge


Sanctum Survivor is the signature fundraising event for Sanctum Care Group. Every year, community leaders will live as if homeless for 36 hours on the streets of Saskatoon. In teams of two, Sanctum Survivor participants will be given tasks to complete. Each task will aim to demonstrate certain challenges that society is often unaware of, but which are an everyday reality for those who are homeless with HIV. Participants will wear donated clothes and shoes. They will not be allowed any personal belongings other than a phone (to update the public on their journey). The event itself is both powerful and unprecedented. It attempts to shed light on the intense hardship faced by people who experience poverty, homelessness and chronic illness here in Saskatoon.


Watch short highlight videos from pervious years:






Dr. Jocelyne Martel and Dr. Annette Epp

Peter Stoicheff

Steph Clovechok and Kurt Dahl (Part One)

Steph Clovechok and Kurt Dahl (Part Two)

Chief of Police, Saskatoon, Troy Cooper

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