Our Programs

All of our programs include: 

  • Integrated wrap around and evidence-based care
  • Delivered through a harm reduction and trauma informed lens
  • Address all aspects of the person (physical, spiritual, emotional, environmental)



Sanctum 1.5

Our Impact

How We do it

Sanctum Care Group is a Not-For-Profit Registered Charity that works directly with populations affected by HIV/AIDS, chronic disease, substance dependence, homelessness, mental health issues, and poverty in Saskatchewan.

  • Non stigmatized, non-judgmental
  • Unconditional
    Provide information, teaching to promote safety and optimized health care regardless of individual’s current state
  • Provides a path to recovery if client determines they are ready/willing
  • Meets the patients wherever they are at in their journey
  • Recognizes the physical and psychological impacts of trauma
  • Asks “what happened to you”, not “what is wrong with you”
  • Recognizes that behaviors have purpose and behaviors are not about us
  • Universal trauma precautions

Multi-disciplinary teams within all our programs include:

  • Addiction Physicians
  • Family physicians
  • Infectious disease physicians
  • Pediatricians
  • Cardiologist
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy support
  • Social workers
  • Addictions workers
  • Trauma counseling (in-house and direct referrals for outreach teams)
  • Cultural support (direct links to spiritual and cultural care depending on each persons needs and desires)
  • Dedicated MSS protection teams
  • Pet therapy
  • 24/7 Home Support Workers who offer guidance with parenting, life skills, med management etc.
  • 5-year relational support through Hands at Work
  • Weekly groups facilitated by Read Saskatoon – financial/family/ children literacy
  • Kids First Programming
  • Coordination with existing community supports
  • Individualized case plans that represent each clients unique person, background, needs and goals
  • Housing support from application to move in, to eviction prevention
  • Connection to supports that help clients manage in community
  • Links to detox and treatment
  • Connection to primary care settings for ongoing care
  • Pharmacy support
  • Transportation to medical and social appointments
    In hospital support for individuals who are resistant to acute care based on historical treatment and trauma
  • Supplies from food, formula to pots, pans, coffee etc. that help lessen the burden in community or in stressful periods.

How you can help