Sanctum 36 Hour Challenge

The Sanctum 36 Hour Challenge is a unique event to raise awareness and understanding of the issues faced by people who are homeless and living with chronic disease in Saskatoon. 10 community leaders spend 36 hours experiencing well though-out challenges created by people with lived experience and front-line workers in an attempt to highlight the issues faced daily by this population.⁠



Donate 36 hours of their time + their social channels

Go without everything, but their phone + donated clothing

Complete tasks that are some of the daily challenges faced by homeless individuals

Our Why

Sanctum 36 Hour Challenge formerly known as sanctum survivor Challenge.

In order to implement change you must first see the change that is needed. We ask community leaders who have the ability to create positive changes for homeless individuals in our community to participate.
Everyone’s reason for becoming homeless may be different but the challenges and loneliness of homelessness is the same.We want to bring empathy and understanding into the conversation of homelessness.
We want to motivate community leaders, community donors, sponsors and everyone watching the event to be inspired to make a difference. Whether it’s a movement or a kind gesture we all have the ability to implement change for the better.
Sanctum Care Group is a Not-For-Profit Registered Charity that works directly with populations affected by HIV/AIDS, chronic disease, substance dependence, homelessness, mental health issues, and poverty in Saskatchewan.

How to Get Involved


Raised by the 2023 Sanctum 36 HRS for Homelessness

2024 Sanctum 36 Hour Challenge dinner

Hear first hand about our participants’ experience being on the streets of Saskatoon for 36 hours.

Learn about the challenges and stigma that are faced by homeless individuals daily.

Get your tickets and support individuals living with or affected by HIV/AIDS in Saskatoon.

2024 Sanctum 36 Hour Challenge

Join us for the 2024 Dinner

On Saturday, June 1st 2024, the dinner is an opportunity for the individuals to share about their experience in a panel format, learn about the programs Sanctum Care Group provides, and raise critical funds to support the work of Sanctum Care Group. 



2024 Sanctum 36 Hour Challenge Dinner

7:00 pm



2024 Sanctum 36 Hour Challenge end

8:00 am



2024 Sanctum 36 Hour Challenge Event Kick off

5:00 pm


Sanctum Care Group Inc. is a NGO. Our ability to help individuals affected by HIV is because of your generous support.

Your financial support helps establish and maintain innovative programming and care to our clients.

We serve a vulnerable population including mothers and infants. Item donations including clothing, baby items and household items are used by the individuals in our programs.

Sanctum is result of community partners who are dedicated to making a positive change in the Saskatoon community. Without these dedicated and supportive people and organizations, we would not be able to do what we do, thank you.