Sanctum is Saskatchewan’s first and only HIV Hospice and Transitional Care Home

Sanctum provides around-the-clock transitional care for HIV positive persons who have social and high-risk behaviors and conditions, including homelessness, that prevent them from managing the symptoms of their disease in the community. In addition, this home provides end of life care (palliation) to individuals who are HIV positive and have a palliative diagnosis.

Sanctum ascribes to a harm reduction and trauma informed philosophy that is rooted in patient centered care. Patients are not required to abstain from drugs or alcohol to receive services, provided their behavior does not pose a risk to others. We attempt as much as possible to control substance use without imposing conditions that make care inaccessible.

Supportive Care

Our philosophy is that substance abuse is like any other disease; therefore, we have an obligation to help the patient manage it. The program sets modest expectations for behavior and is respectful of street culture. Substance use cannot be a barrier to persons accessing supportive and respectful care. Our goal is to help facilitate the best quality of life possible for our patients for the days, months, or years that remain for them. We recognize and acknowledge client autonomy but work with each individual to improve or support their health and social needs.

Sanctum bridges the gaps in the current system with a three pronged approach to care:
  • Patients are admitted for supportive, subacute or rehabilitative care and have concurrent homelessness, mental illness, substance use dependency and their level of care does not meet long term care requirements and or they are unable to access homecare.
  • Supportive care includes a variety of interventions such as pain management, symptom control, wound management, IV therapy, medication management, stabilization, cultural support, housing support, addictions support and treatment.
  • Our medical team is specialized in treating HIV-related illnesses (such as lymphoma, mycobacterium avium complex, PML*, etc.), illnesses related to injection drug use (endocarditis, cellulitis), and comorbidities such as hepatitis C, diabetes, and mental illness.
  • Supportive Care stays are generally up to 3 months
  • Patrons with HIV/AIDS requiring end of life care will be admitted as a priority. Palliative care for these patients includes pain control and symptom management. The hospice allows patrons to die in a familiar, supportive and peaceful setting.
  • Provide support to our patients as they make their end of life decisions around their care.
  • Act as a support for the family by providing supportive counseling through the grieving process.
  •  There is one dedicated respite care bed for patients who need to stay up to 14 days while either waiting for appropriate support in their own home or if they are requiring a temporary short term stay. This bed may also be used for their post-op recovery.

Our Impact

How We do it

Sanctum’s vision is to provide a community for individuals requiring supportive care to attain their optimum level of health while maximizing their control and dignity. Incorporating existing community services in Sanctum’s safe and supportive environment, Sanctum meets the health and social needs of its patients more effectively and efficiently. In doing so, we are able to better meet the needs of the patients we serve while also decreasing the financing impact on the health care system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It does not cost anything for a person to be at sanctum, but referrals are only accepted from hospital unless the referral is for end of life care.

Answer: Yes, housing is a part of our model of care, ensuring appropriate housing for all residents prior to discharge is our priority.

Sanctum supports all people living with HIV, drug use is not a barrier to accessing our services.

Answer: On average 3 months, but every patient’s unique circumstances are considered and depend on each individual’s needs.


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