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Sanctum Survivor Gala

36 Hour Challenge - May 28 & 29, 2020

Gala - May 30, 2020

Sanctum Survivor is a city-wide fundraiser where 10 local leaders in the community gain insight into homelessness through a 36 hour challenge. The goal of this fundraiser is to increase awareness and understanding of the many challenges faced by people who experience poverty, homelessness and chronic illness. During the 36 hours they will be faced with different challenges that have been created by people who have experienced homelessness to help bring understanding to the many difficulties faced by this population. Each task will aim to demonstrate certain challenges that society is often unaware of but are an everyday reality for those who are homeless with HIV here in Saskatoon. In an attempt to make this challenge as realistic as possible, participants will wear donated clothes and shoes and are not be allowed any personal belongings other than a phone to update the public on their journey. At the end of the 36-hours, a reception is held where the public can hear about each participant's journey. Collectively, this event will raise much needed funds, awareness and an understanding of issues faced by those living with HIV/AIDS in Saskatoon. Sanctum Care group is a non-profit charitable organization that opened Saskatchewans first HIV Transitional Care Home in November 2015. Since opening the doors, Sanctum Care Groups programming has expanded to include The Beehive (May 2017), a transitional apartment block for people living with HIV who require continued support in the community; HART (summer 2017), an HIV/AIDS Response Team aimed at increasing supports and services for individuals recieving care in hospital; and most recently Sanctum 1.5 (October 2018), a ten-bed care home that supports high-risk, HIV positive, pregnant women.

The 2020 leaders participating in this important cause are: 

  • Paul Merriman (Minister of Social Services)
  • Charlie Clark (Mayor, City of Saskatoon)
  • Ryan Meili (MLA Saskatoon Meewasin)
  • Dr. Marilyn Baetz (Psychiatrist & Vice-Dean of Faculty Engagement, College of Medicine)
  • Sandra Blevins (Dean of Nursing & School of Health Sciences, Sask Polytechnic)
  • Mark Arcand (Tribal Chief, STC)
  • Bishop Mark Hagemoen (Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon)
  • Bishop Brian Bayda (Bishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy) 
  • Mary Donlevy-Konkin (Lawyer, McKercher LLP)
  • Candace Laing (VP of Sustainability, Nutrien)


Sanctum Survivor 2020 Participants

Paul Merriman
Paul MerrimanMinister of Social Services
Candace Laing
Candace LaingVice President of Sustainability, Nutrien
Charlie Clark
Charlie ClarkMayor, City of Saskatoon
Dr. Marilyn Baetz
Dr. Marilyn BaetzPsychiatrist & Vice-Dean of Faculty Engagement, College of Medicine
Ryan Meili
Ryan MeiliMLA, Saskatoon Meewasin
Sandra Blevins
Sandra BlevinsDean of Nursing & School of Health Science, Sask Polytechnic
Mark Arcand
Mark ArcandTribal Chief, Saskatoon Tribal Council
Bishop Mark Hagemoen
Bishop Mark HagemoenBishop of the Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon
Bishop Brian Bayda
Bishop Brian BaydaBishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy
Mary Donlevy-Konkin
Mary Donlevy-KonkinLawyer, McKercher LLP

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