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Model of Care


To provide care to people living with HIV/AIDS that is dignified, non-judgmental and unconditional.



Sanctum’s vision is for a community in which individuals requiring this assistance are able to attain their optimum level of health from their perspective, minimizing their vulnerability and maximizing their control and dignity. Sanctum recognizes the need to provide care with humility and without prejudice. This will be achieved through a philosophy of harm reduction and demonstration of Sanctum’s core values of compassion, collaboration, and innovation.




Treat everyone in our community including our health care providers, patients and their families with dignity and respect.


Providing care with sensitivity, understanding, and empathy.


Nurture the wellbeing of the whole person, respecting physical, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs.


Provide care through a multidisciplinary approach addressing physical, social, emotional, spiritual and cultural needs.


Enhance the lives of those we serve through the creative ideas and unique talents of the team.


Treating patrons where they are at through a philosophy of harm reduction.

Sanctum Care Group is an NGO formed in 2015. It is made up of interagency professionals who work directly with populations affected by HIV, addictions, mental health issues, homelessness, and poverty. Often, the chaotic lifestyles of this affected population limit the care they receive.

Although we have made great strides, we continue to see that the population group that is most in need of specialized care and treatment is also the population group least likely to access care and treatment. The reason for this is often the intersection of the social, psychosocial and environmental factors of the affected population group.

Our philosophy is that substance abuse is like any other disease; therefore, we have an obligation to help the patron manage it. Sanctum Care Group’s patron centered approach uses a comprehensive set of interventions with the strategic support of local health and social service organizations.




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